Draft Frequently Asked Questions


DRAFT: In the past the teams and captains have been responsible for recruiting and managing their team rosters. There are many benefits in this approach but over the past several years some structural problems have surfaced that require we make some changes to keep all teams viable. In an effort to help balance the teams, and to help a couple of teams that are struggling to field enough players, this season all new players will go through a draft process to be placed on a team. We will try to accommodate requests whenever possible, and have been very successful in most cases, but experience indicates that it won't always be possible.

FREE AGENTS: While many or most players are happy on their teams with the players they play with every season, others would like to mix it up a little and play with other people. We are all from the same community and we all have friends on every team. This season, when players register, they will be able to specify that they want to be a 'free agent'. This will put them in the draft pool and give them a chance to mix it up, hopefully without any of the stigma that may have been given to some players who have switched in the past.

While these changes will help us with some of our current issues they may also present some problems that we will need to work through. The goal is to provide for a better balanced, fun league with viable teams where players look forward to playing with us. Thank you for your help and cooperation.



We will do our best to accomodate requests.


All couples will be placed on the same team.


Players will be contacted before the draft and asked about softball experience and level, positions played, and grade level of children.